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Isolde Freeth-Hale

Singer-Songwriter, producer, choral music


Isolde Freeth-Hale is a singer, songwriter, composer, producer, choral director and teacher based in Bristol, UK. She produces songs that fuse neo-soul, nu-jazz, electronica & experimental pop, and curates vocal projects that push the creative boundaries of contemporary vocal music.

'Isolde' (iz-ol-deh) is an old-English name, originally derived from Arthurian legend, which means 'daughter of earth'. Given this by her artist father at birth, Isolde kept it as her stage name as a reminder of all that is ancient, natural and ever-present in our modern world, however disconnected we become to it. Growing up in inner-city London, and always wishing to be running free in the lush English countryside where she visited family, her work explores the curious interaction between the organic and manmade, often drawing upon field recordings, instrumentation, and voice, manipulated electronically and combined with beats & bass. Lyrically, Isolde opens a conversation about the human experience at our point in history, drawing upon story-telling, sound collage, Dada poetry, and words of the wise, to explore that which serves life.

At the heart of Isolde's work, also runs a life-long love affair with vocal harmony. Christened by her great-grandfather, and coming from a long line of clergy, she grew up singing gospel music in her church, which provided a grounding in voice, harmony, and a connection to something bigger through music. A large part of her career has since been carved out of directing, composing and arranging for vocal projects, and teaching voice and composition. She has worked with a plethora of organisations and projects, and currently directs Rising Voices Recovery Choir for Bristol Drugs Project (as seen on Songs of Praise), and Murmuration Choir - a 60-piece contemporary vocal project, inspired by Isolde's artistic influences. She also teaches one-to-one singing classes from home.
Ana Gómez de León



My name is Ana and I am 28 year old photographer from Mexico city. I started my photography practice ten years ago when my uncle gave me my first camera.

Andrew Goddard
Melbourne, Australia

Sound, light, space

Andrew Goddard is a sonic and visual artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Andrew's practice at present generally begins with a process of material collection; using various recording technologies to collect sonic, visual and sculptural materials, which are then presented in an installation context. This allows the viewer the freedom to navigate the relationships between elements in a spatially and temporally unfolding environment. Having recently completed his Honours year in Fine Arts at RMIT, Andrew is seeking to expand upon the projects developed during this study in order to prototype new works.

Michael Heyman
Somerville, MA, USA

Poetry, performance poetry, music


"To seek everywhere the element of utility is least of all fitting for those who are magnanimous and free."

Michael Heyman is a scholar and writer of literary nonsense, poetry, and children's literature, and a Professor of Literature at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he teaches courses on Children's Literature and music, Poetry, Performance Poetry, and Arthropodiatry. He is the head editor of The Tenth Rasa: An Anthology of Indian Nonsense. His poems and stories for children and adults can be found in the journals Poetry International, Solstice, and FUSION; and in the books The Puffin Book of Bedtime Stories, The Moustache Maharishi and other unlikely stories, and This Book Makes No Sense: Nonsense Poems and Worse, the latter of which he also edited. His latest work wanders into the hills and dills and dales and bales of sound poetry for children.
Jason Wright
Vancouver, Canada

Art education, drawing


Jason Wright is a practicing artist and arts educator based in Vancouver. Jason teaches with the Vancouver School Board, Arts Umbrella, and is faculty at Kwantlen Polytechnic University where he teaches drawing and sculpture. Jason has participated in various teaching initiatives including the Vancouver Biennale/ Liceo Boston Open Borders project in Bogota, Columbia, Connected North (Northern Arts Connection), Arts Umbrella Teen Scholarship Program and Arts Umbrella Summer Teen Intensive.

In the summer of 2019, Jason presented his arts-based educational research at the INSEA World Congress at the University of British Columbia and exhibited new work at the Arbutus Gallery, KPU-Surrey Campus.

Jason has a BFA in Visual Arts from Simon Fraser University, a BEd in Art Education from the University of British Columbia, and an MFA in Sculpture from the University of Regina.
Jojin Van Winkle
Wisconsin, USA

Video, sound, photography


"Listen More."

Jojin Van Winkle is a visual artist, writer and assistant professor of art, teaching foundations and new media. Her film/video and audio practice centers around the practice of listening, focusing on resilience, environmental stewardship and human rights issues. Her current research is a multimedia, documentary-based project which examines the roles and impacts of destruction in everyday lives of women in rural areas.

Van Winkle has participated in artist residencies internationally and nationally. She exhibited large-scale installation art across the United States before working in video and film. She is an associate producer for the documentary, ""The Land Beneath Our Feet"" (2016, 60 min.) and the USA-based cinematographer for PBS/ Independent Lens documentary, ""In the Shadow of Ebola"", (2015, 27 min.).

Jojin has a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) and a Master of Arts (MA) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, both focused on film and video. Her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She enjoys the experience of "flow" through meditation, running, swimming, scuba diving, and being outdoors.
Catriona Wright
Toronto, Canada

Poetry and fiction


"Creating space for us to reflect on our relationship with technology."

Catriona Wright is the author of the poetry collection Table Manners (Véhicule Press, 2017) and the short story collection Difficult People (Nightwood Editions, 2018). Her short stories have appeared in This Magazine, Geist, Joyland, Grain, The New Quarterly, and Room. Her poems have appeared in Prism International, Prairie Fire, Fiddlehead, and Lemon Hound, and they have been anthologized in The Next Wave: An Anthology of 21st Century Canadian Poetry and in The Best Canadian Poetry 2015 & 2018. She is the poetry editor for The Puritan and a co-founder of Desert Pets Press, a chapbook press.

She is currently working on a novel and a new collection of poetry.
Carly Seller
Manchester, UK

Visual art, performance


I am a multi-disciplinary artist, artist facilitator, and yoga teacher based in Plymouth. Through my playful and meditative practice, I respond to the intertwining of the land, the body and the breath. I create quiet, observant work using process-led practices that navigate a balance between control and interruption. My work spans photography, moving image, textiles, objects, and performance. Opening my practice up to experiment with different mediums has enabled me to intuitively explore states of flow, and find fluidity and stillness in my making process. My current research involves sacred spaces and places, and the innate healing qualities of the environment.
Kerry Downey
New York, USA

Video, drawing, writing


"Kerry Downey is New York based an interdisciplinary artist and educator, with a practice that explores our bodies' relationships to desire and power. "

I am an interdisciplinary artist and educator based in New York City, with a practice that includes video, works on paper, performance and writing. My work explores relationality through the many ways we inhabit our bodies and access forms of power. I am interested in the boundaries of the self and how we are physically, psychologically, and socio-politically entangled in our environments. Driven by experimentation, my techniques present the body as sensorium and the self as process – a visceral, materially rich place of flux and multiplicity. Stemming from my experiences as a queer and gender nonconforming person, I'm inspired by art's ability to help us connect with our vulnerability and desire. My art poses new models for transformation that challenge capitalist modes of production and recognition. This is a world of messiness and reverie.
Afternoon Collective
(Agnieszka Foltyn & Per Stian Monsås)

Trondheim, Norway

Installation, Social intervention, Art in the public sphere


Afternoon Collective is a multi-disciplinary arts collective by Per Stian Monsås and Agnieszka Foltyn founded in 2016. Our goal is to highlight the role of art in every day spaces and life, creating a durational exchange or dialogue between site and the public. Through site-specific installations and social performative interventions, our work is at once provocative, spectacular, ephemeral, subtle, monumental, temporal, long-lasting, accessible, and mundane.

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