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New Course

Embodying the rituals of your practice

1 month
April & May 2019
Where: Arteles Creative Center, Hämeenkyrö, Finland

Deadline for applications was:

8th of November 2018

Embodying the rituals of your practice

New Course is a guided residency program for the personal growth of artists, performers and creative professionals. Through new collaborative methods and with professional guidance, including one-to-one support from the instructor, the program is designed to expand and enhance artists’ creative practice, routines and way of being.

New Course is led by Dr Margi Brown Ash, a professional collaborative creative coach, therapist and mentor, helping enrich people’s lives through art-making, performance and creative writing. She is also an award-winning performer/playwright, devisor/director & researcher/lecturer.

The program has emerged from a decade of Margi’s research exploring how artists can create a life of vibrancy and joyful discovery despite the considerable difficulties faced in our chaotic world.

The program is designed for artists and creative professionals

who want to
  • take their artmaking & creativity in another direction
  • re-create their working processes so that they are sustainable
  • re-gain meaning and joy to their creative practice
  • re-invent their way of being in the world

who might be

  • feeling lack of direction, 'burned out', tired, 'over it' / confused regarding their arts practice and their life.
  • satisfied with their art making but feel a strange sense of not belonging anymore.
  • at the end of a cycle of work, but have come to a full stop and don’t know what to do or where to go next.
  • suffering from a sense of sadness, disappointment or loss regarding their development as an artist.
  • successful artists but don’t feel like it means anything.
  • professionals doing just fine but want to learn / develop new skills.

  • Intuitive methods
    Artists will learn new ways of accessing their intuition and “what they don’t know they know” through creative practices including collage, movement, visual depiction, visualisation, symbol work, creative writing, yoga, meditation and mindfulness.
  • Establishing routines and rituals of practice
    It is commonly said to take 21 days to form a new habit; After spending four weeks experiencing and practicing their own rituals of practice, artists will be able to continue to apply these new processes to their life once they return home.
  • Connecting & collaborating
    Artists will learn collaborative ways of connecting with others, with a new awareness around solution focused language and positive approaches to problem solving.
  • More balance & ingenuity
    Artists will have the opportunity to enlargen their curiosity, ingenuity and tenacity as they learn new ways of balancing their personal lives with their artistic endeavours.
  • Improved problem solving skills
    Artists will have a better understanding of how to problem solve using the techniques taught at the course. They will have developed skills in listening dynamically, responding thoughtfully and develop each other’s ideas.
  • Finding your own strengths
    Artists will have a better understanding of their own strengths. They will learn to be more adaptable when things don’t go as planned and develop a deep appreciation of their personal gifts and what they can give to the world.
  • Appreciation & gratitude
    Artists will begin to appreciate and feel gratitude for what they have and what they create.
  • Community
    They will become part of the Arteles alumni, with potential to build ongoing relationships with each other and throughout the world.

The program will include 3-6 hours of structured time most week days: 1,5 hours in the mornings, breakfast, workshops and 1,5 hours in the evenings. The rest of the time is dedicated to free studio / working time, and for exploring the creative center and its beautiful natural surroundings.

Creative Workshops
There will be several creative workshops offered, where we will engage in movement based impulsetraining followed by collage and creative writing as access points to new ways of looking at things.
Guided meditation
Each morning and evening there is a scheduled meditation session. The sessions are led for the first two weeks and then continue as self-directed. Both, sitting and walking meditation will be included. (No previous experience is required.)
ImpulseTraining shakes us up, frees us and surprises us. We learn to improvise with each other without using words, and then we transfer this improvisational fluidity to the page, to the stage or the canvas. (No previous movement experience is required.)
Yoga / Breathwork
Twenty-minute yoga sequences will be held before meditation at the beginning and end of each day. Breathwork (Pranayama) will be led for the first two weeks and then continue self-directed. (No previous experience is required.)
One-to-One guidance
Customized to participant’s needs, there will be one-to-one sessions available with the instructor so that each participant can discuss their process and progress. The artist will be guided to best practice, both personally and professionally.
Organic breakfast
Starting the day with toxin free natural and nutritious breakfast sets us ready for the day. Organic breakfast is available each week from Monday to Friday.
Generative conversations
Generative conversations build on what has gone before. It is a ‘yes and’ approach to communication, growing new ideas one step at a time with the intention of exploring and expanding the terrain rather than ‘fixing things’.
Closure event
At the end of the program there will be a one day event, where participants can share their experiences, works and outcomes with others. (Participation to the event is voluntary.)

Freedom to create & explore
There is plenty of free time available throughout the residency. While contemplating new learnings, the participants can also work on their own projects and are encouraged to explore and take inspiration from the marvelously rich nature & surroundings of the residency.

Photo: Hannah Roche
Margi Brown Ash

Dr Margi Brown Ash is an award-winning performer/playwright, devisor/director & researcher/ lecturer. She is also a collaborative creative coach, therapist and mentor helping enrich people's lives through art-making, performance and creative writing.

Margi began her acting career in NYC working with Stella Adler. She now lives between Sydney and Brisbane where she works with Queensland Theatre; La Boite Theatre Company and Queensland University of Technology (teaching the RICC Process, one of the outcomes of her PhD). Margi runs her own coaching business 4change coaching and creates original contemporary performances with her company The Nest Ensemble.
Full biography / CV

Margi's invitation video

Included in your stay at Arteles Creative Center

For working:

  • studio spaces and facilities 24 h access See facilities here
  • creative tools & equipment See list here
  • program related workshop art materials
  • residency assistant to help you with practicalities and creative work
  • artist promotion through our online network
  • artist pages in Arteles Catalogue

For everyday life:

  • accommodation in private bedroom, incl. towels and bedlinen
    (note: There are large working desks also in the bedrooms.)
  • organic breakfast (mon-fri)
  • fully equipped kitchen facilities
  • traditional Finnish wood-burning sauna
  • meditation / yoga space with matts, cushions & benches
  • residency car (with automatic gears) for getting around the region
  • bicycles
  • pick-up service for arrivals and departures read more
  • Internet access (limited in this program, see details below)
  • laundry facilities
  • pure northern nature

For staying focused:

Internet access

Throughout the program, internet is available in a small room intended solely for this purpose. Residents can use the USB stick connection with the center's laptop or with their own. In order to maintain a focused environment, there is no wifi available in this program.

Participants have the opportunity to take a break from their cellphones and have them stored in the office. In case of an urgent situation, friends & family can contact the participants via Arteles staff. There is also an emergency phone at the residency.

Program fees

1 person
2100 €
Accommodation in private single room + studio space
Organic breakfast included (Mon-Fri)

2 persons
3600 €
Accommodation in private duo room + studio space
Organic breakfast included (Mon-Fri)

The fees include the deposit/registraton fee (150 € - non-refundable)

For artists & creatives
Studio spaces & private bedrooms. 24/7 access to all facilities.
Read more
Scheduled meditation
We have scheduled morning and evening sessions in the meditation space.
Get relaxed
Traditional Finnish wood-burning sauna built in 1961, for when you feel like it is time to chill and relax.
Need a hand?
We assist you with projects and practicalities, introduce the surroundings etc.
Outdoors & nature
Pure nordic nature: forests, lakes, ever-changing skies.
Read more
Award-winning landscapes
Arteles Creative Center is located in Hämeenkyrö, Finland.
Read more
Shoot bright & print large
Studio room with flashlights, softboxes, LED lights, reflectors, tripods, green screen... See list
Tools for you
Wide selection of creative gear, equipment and tools for you to use.
See full list here

Who can apply

We are looking for professional and emerging artists and creatives from various fields and backgrounds. In the selection process, emphasis is put on the applicant’s motivation and creativity. We value authenticity and tenacity. You must be at least 23 or older to apply.

Due to the nature of the program, we do not require any project proposal in the application. We also understand when working in the creative field, your subjects, interests and working methods change and evolve along the way.

Artist duos are also welcome to apply. Non-artist spouses, partners and friends are welcome as short-term (1-3 days, 50€/night) guests only. Please note that children are not permitted in the residency.

Application round is closed. The deadline for applications was the 8th of November 2018

If you need any help or more information, please contact:
Residency Terms & Conditions.

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The application round is closed.

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